<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/15/91/08/13/84/210607073256.jpg?t=1628024164"><br>5014 Pickford is a non-rent controlled, FULLY STABILIZED 2020 fourplex in prime Mid-City, only 7 minutes from Culver City and the countless local hotspots in the area, including the trendy Helms Bakery District! Enjoy a REAL 5.03% cap rate! We personally handled the lease-up of this fourplex and can attest to the fact that this building attracted outstanding professional tenants in record speed. In addition to the prime location, tenants went absolutely wild for the next-level design and finishes on this property. 5014 Pickford was built by high-end home builders with the intention to hold. As you&rsquo;ll see from the upscale wood kitchens, luxurious bathrooms, gorgeous covered balconies, and expansive open floorplans, this fourplex is many tiers above the other new constructions in the area. The quality of this property is unrivaled and will make long-term ownership a breeze! This neighborhood is without question the hottest rental market in Los Angeles right now, with several of the most exciting mixed-use developments a few short minutes from this property: the Culver City Steps (Amazon Studios headquarters), Ivy Station (HBO headquarters), and the Cumulus development (Whole Foods). The massive quantity of entertainment, tech and creative jobs nearby made the leasing of this property quick and easy. 5014 Pickford is made up of four enormous 3 bed, 3 bath units with real rents of $4,200, $3,995, $3,975 and $3.950. As usual, the property comes with a 1 year builder&rsquo;s warranty, minimal maintenance, separate meters for gas, water &amp; electric, and 8 parking spaces!<br>